Visit Wakatobi Means You Have to See These Places

Wakatobi can be regarded as a heaven on earth. It has many unique places that need to be visited at least once in your lifetime, and here are four of these.

  1. Anano Beach

Anano Beach, or the beach with a million turtles, is the best destination to observe sea turtles in their natural habitat. The unbelievable white sandy shore is home to two sea turtles, Honu (green turtles) and Koila (hawksbill turtles).

If blessed, visitors may get a chance to view these charming turtles spawn, hatch, and migrate to sea. The ideal time to observe spawning is through the full moon, where green turtles generally gather at the coastline in planning to set their eggs in the wee hours of their mid-day. This charming beach isn’t just a favorite for those seeking to get near the sea turtles but also a very commonplace for sailors and sun loungers alike.

  1. Lakasa Cave

From the village of Sulaa from the city of Bau-Bau, the royal Lakasa cave is thought to be a pure miracle. Encompassed by arid and rocky barren land, it is a marvel for sailors to have found this oasis of cool water, dissolving limestone and beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. The dimly lit cave, which descends 120 meters in depth, is believed to have mystical properties.

After a 15 minute walk, you’ll reach a small river where the water is crystal clear and refreshingly chilly. Locals consider the water in this lake to have medical properties and are often utilized as a place to wash.

  1. Sambono Lake

The beauty of Sombano Lake that is in the Sombano Village on Kaledupa island is absolutely breathtaking. The vast, green, and dense mangrove forest is like no other in this area. The tranquil crispy saltwater lake, which centers this delightfully scenic forest, is full of uniquely vibrant reddish colored crustaceans that can be seen from the outside. The beautiful mangrove trees, a broad range of beautiful orchids, and fragrant pandanus leaves also encompass the lake. The lake is deemed sacred by sailors, and swimming in the lake is allowed but discouraged. According to local folklore, a mysterious black crocodile resides within.

  1. The Kahyangan Summit

The Kahyangan Summit, also known as Puncak Kahyangan or Puncak Tomia, is a mountain on Tomia’s island that delivers a fairytale landscape and a view to die for. Readily accessible by public transport, the summit is just half an hour off from Usuku (the capital of East Tomia). The scenic surroundings of seemingly never-ending luscious grassland are fantastic for amazing photographs and viewing awe-inspiring sunsets. The summit also offers panoramic views of its surrounding islands. It is frequently used as a campsite for anyone wanting to encounter peaceful starry nights and spectacular sunrises.

Whether your travels take you to a long stroll on beaches, delightful cuisines, relaxing spas, and resorts or urban attractions, further research will give you the best experience for your visit. Learn more about Wakatobi by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.